From the very first piece of clothing we created, we have always believed in the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. From our packaging to our clothes, every detail of the final product is biodegradable. We proudly wear our clothing brand, feeling wonderful yet protect our planet. Each small step is meaningful in preserving our planet Earth. TAKE CARE OF IT!


As a newly wedded couple, my husband and I were wondering what the universe would bring to us, so we found ourselves talking about the same thing – the beautiful lady hen in our lives that has all the merit of us being together. So, we decided to begin a story of the beautiful lady hen and her impact, encircling one beautiful idea that ended representing our future brand.

Fashion has always been a passion for us and since we’ve been asking ourselves for a long time why is it so difficult to find modern, fashionable clothing, made out of natural fibres, we finally decided – Let’s make them! Amazing and expressive clothing, but most importantly, made out of natural fibres.The organic and natural materials become our canvas, letting them speak and share the story with the whole world is something that we takeĀ  pride in and plan on continuously doing. Fashion gives us the chance to express our personality, so we made a brand that identifies with us.

Slowly but surely, we developed the first Bettoff line by putting our hearts into every piece of clothing created. Our hope, the message that we created in authentic natural clothing, is, spread all over the world.


Our brand is inspired by freedom in limitless interpretation and exceptionally distinguished clothing showing dignity or authority in one’s appearance or manner.

In our minds, fashion and self – expression have no boundaries. Beauty is everyone, therefore we create for everybody. Size and age are nothing comparing to our true self. The image we create is pure and independent.

Vibrant, cosy and cool, skin and environmentally friendly are the characteristics of Bettoff’s brand style, that we hope gives everyone self-confidence and inspires them to feel powerful, amazing, unstoppable. Let’s manifest individual beauty through remarkable, special pieces of clothing and natural materials.

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